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Value Added Services in Hilton Head Island, SC

  • Cleaning
    • (weekly move in- move out)
    • (Annual & Bi-annual deep clean)
  • Linen Service
  • Lawn & Landscaping (Lawn mowing, $150 per month)
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Grout cleaning
  • Pre storm inspection (batten down the hatches)
  • Post storm Emergency inspection
  • Concierge
  • Quarterly Inventory
  • House sitting
  • Complete market ready & Remodel service (Design, build team) General Contractors, licensed, bonded, insured
  • Rating certification
  • Photography & High Definition Videography service for your Marketing
  • Island Gopher
  • Boat / Duffy / Auto / Golf Cart monitoring care
  • Hourly Services on Demand
  • ALL VRS clients receive a FREE, unlimited properties, and unlimited photo submission for their Hilton Head Vacation Rentals.

… and much more!

Hilton Head Island Value Added Services

Vacation Read Services include those things that are unique to your hilton head homes, estates, condos, villas, and personal property in south carolina. We will look after and maintain those things that need some special handling or more time.

Annual Deep Vacation Property Clean

Annual Service Includes:

  • In the kitchen we will remove all items from the kitchen cabinets damp wipe out interiors and shelving replacing liners as needed.
  • We will box up for disposal and notify you of any kitchen utensils or pots and pans that should be replaced.
  • We will wipe all cabinet faces with appropriate polish.
  • We will also hand detail all hardware.
  • Then we will pull out the refrigerator and remove dishwasher kick plate and thoroughly clean behind and under appliances including baseboards.
  • The refrigerator and ovens will have all shelving removed for cleaning and disinfecting.
  • All fixtures will be polished to a high shine with appropriate polish cleaner.
  • Floors will be swept, washed, grout cleaned and sealed or wood floors will be swept, cleaned and polished with appropriate cleaner/polish.
  • Bathrooms will have all fixtures polished to a high shine with appropriate polish cleaner.
  • Tub and shower walls will have all grout cleaned and sealed with appropriate grout cleaners and polish.
  • Toilets will be thoroughly cleaned and polished paying specific attention to under bowl areas and seat hinges and stops.
  • Drains will be cleaned with a mini augur, stopper rings hand detailed and polished.
  • Bedrooms will have all beds pulled to the middle of the room.
  • Mattresses will be inspected flipped and turned to extend life.
  • All linens will inspected be removed for cleaning or replacement.
  • Bedspreads will be dry cleaned.
  • After carpets have been cleaned, baseboards wiped down beds will be returned to their original placement and remade.
  • All furniture will be dusted and polished including attention to items like lampshades, drapes and blinds.
  • Living rooms will have similar treatment to bedrooms where all furniture will be moved to the middle of the room, baseboards cleaned, cushions rotated and floors cleaned and polished with appropriate cleaner polish.
  • General area of cleaning will also be given attention.
  • All accessible windows that do not require a taller than 6ft ladder will be cleaned inside and out.
  • Slider tracks will be hand detailed and rollers inspected for correct operation.
  • Screens will also be removed and spray cleaned.
  • All door knobs and switch covers throughout property will be cleaned, detailed and polished.
  • Wall scuffs will be removed as best as possible.
  • Service items will be noted so that they can be given attention.
  • Please note that this is a multiple day process and an uninterrupted length of time is agreed to be provided.

Pricing for Annual Deep Property Clean – Hilton Head Island

  • 1 Bedroom Villa                $499
  • 2 or 3 Bedroom Villa          $599
  • 3 Bedroom Home/Villa       $699
  • 4 Bedroom Home              $849
  • 5-7 Bedroom Estate          $999

Boat, Golf Cart, and Auto Monitoring

  • Weekly we will inspect your boat, cart or car.
  • For boats and golf carts we will make sure a trickle charge is being maintained.
  • Start and rotate position as needed and blow off or wipe down exterior services.
  • Autos will be started, position rotated and ran for a period to maintain charge.
  • Air pressure for tires will be visually monitored and added if necessary.
  • Detail and thou rough cleaning service is also available upon request.
  • Service is only available when combined with other routine services.

Per Vehicle Cost                  $39

High Definition (HD) Video and Photography Service

We will professionally digital photograph your hilton head island home and it’s features.  Each photo will be hand touched for best presentation. Shots will range from no less than 30 but not more than 70 still photos. You can enhance your exposure by adding true High Definition narrated Video Walk through of your vacation rental houses and properties. All photos will be loaded for you in up to 5 locations at your direction.  Owner agrees to timely supply username and passwords for upload access.

Hilton Head Island HD Video and Photography Service

1- 4 Bedroom Villa Still Photography      $199

2- 4 Bedroom Home Still Photography    $249

5- 7 Bedroom Estate Home Still Photography    $299

HD Video Ad On’s:

Villas and Condos         $99

Homes and Estates      $199

Quarterly Inventory – Hilton Head Island Vacation Properties

We will do an initial written and video inventory of all electronics, furniture, linens and house wears for your hilton head vacation rentals. The inventory will be posted for future use at the property. Every 90 days we will re-inventory all items and send you a written inventory with a summary of missing items and items we suggest be replaced. Upon your return approval we will shop locally for replacement items and place them back to the island property. If you prefer you may purchase any items and ship to us and we will deliver and set up at your vacation rental property.

Initial Inventory            $79

Quarterly Inventory      $39

Hurricane & Storm Care

  • Detail and thou rough cleaning service is also available upon request.
  • We will take appropriate action to mitigate potential damage to your property.
  • We will go to your home as soon as possible upon your request or notification by the National Weather Service that a Hurricane threat is eminent.
  • All personal property will be relocated into the interior of your property, outdoor furniture placed into the pools, lock all doors and windows.
  • When it is safe to return to your property we will place all items to their pre- Hurricane placement.
  • A visual inspection will be made with video documentation of any noticeable damage.
  • If property needs secured we will do so.
  • Board over service is available upon written request.

Hourly Care                 $73

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