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“We were sick and tired of getting nickeled and dimed by our “vacation rental management company”…then we found You guys are truly a refreshing alternative.”
– P. Patton


“This is EXACTLY what Hilton Head Island needs! As a 22 year Real Estate agent on the island, I speak to at least 10 clients per week who go on and on about how frustrated they are about the management and maintenance of their vacation rental property. It’s about time Vacation Ready!”
– Anonymous Hilton Head Island Real Estate Agent


“We were actually charged for phantom maintenance on our property while we were there vacationing! Funny thing was…NOBODY ever came (to perform maintenance) for the entire two weeks we were there. Needless to say that was the last straw. Great service. We are glad we found you Vacation Ready Services.”
– P. McChorter


“Many years ago when I started buying investment property on Hilton Head I went through about 4 management companies before I decided to do it myself. With the internet I found renting the properties was fairly easy. However living in Ohio.. the inspections, cleaning, and week to week maintenance were becoming quite time consuming. I wish I would have found you years ago!” Thank You.
– J. Reedy

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